Dimensional design company founded in 2010, its opening, has been living for the self styled proponents promise, we are happy to listen to the needs of the owners, the owners resolve any issues regarding space design, planning and construction, through professional team, so decorate become more meaningful, meet every occupant in mind for the interpretation of the way home.



Dimensions, also known as the dimension, is the number of independent parameters in mathematics. In the field of physics and philosophy, refers to the number of independent space-time coordinates. Zero-dimensional is that no length. One dimension is the line, only the length. II dimension is a plane, by the length and width (or curve) formed area. It is the volume of a three-dimensional surface formed on the height of the Vega II.



These are the dimensions of the Wikipedia definition, our environment posed by a three-dimensional space, broadly speaking, we think the task of interior design, is either one of the original three-dimensional elements within a re-creation of the work, including the two for light deflection of visual and tactile, objects, colors, textures and other more specific elements of the original, and then the original depth of the intangible elements, for the occupants in the heart of the reaction of feelings, such as moving the mobile space line, a different environment to create an atmosphere of space and so on.